Hotech is an ecosystem that provides software, consulting and innovative technology solutions based on effective Big Data analysis and management for the hospitality industry.

With an experience of over More than 16 years in the hospitality industry, we are proud of providing professional software solutions and innovative products for hoteliers and hospitality properties. Operating under the umbrella of Hotech, we offer 24/7 solutions that will help you transform data to knowledge and knowledge to power.

Our team of professionals are not only skilled at their job but also experienced in hospitality industry; by collecting regional information without confining to those regional borders, it enables them to give you the best of products. If you are searching for fully automated and reliable solutions, maintaining the quality of your system as a whole on a permanent basis, we create solutions for your hospitality business.

As Hotech, we are aspiring to have the right candidates in our team therefore we are recruiting on a continuous basis in order to find the best fit.

Qualifications for sales candidates;

Associate or Bachelor’s degree required
2+ years in specialty software sales positions
High command of written and spoken English (proof of competency will be required)
Highly organized work style; able to work with CRM software to log all customer activity
Team player: likes to work together with other sales engineers to conclude sales opportunities
Able to work independently to develop a customer portfolio
People’s person: likes to keep in touch with customers and genuinely serve their needs
High comfort level working under rapidly developing agendas
Ability and background to quickly grasp basic product related technical matters
Basic analytic and desk research skills to conduct market sizing and market research
Holds a drivers license
No restriction of travelling
No obligation for military service (for male candidates)

Qualifications for support candidates;

Experience in a similar position related with IT or Hospitality industry
Primary responsible for supporting by trouble-shooting and resolving issues
Investigate issues reported by customers, provide solution and communicate with development teams
Ensure that issues are kept minimal and resolved quickly and efficiently
Focus on the needs of customers and set priorities and develop efficient action plans to deliver services within agreed objectives
Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
To act as main contact for all support issues
Create and log incoming customer problems
Cross functional working
Ability to manage software installation and training process
Basic experience with Microsoft SQL Server, TSQL and ability to run simple SQL queries
Holds a drivers license
No restriction of travelling


Hotech İcon

Brand Guide

The Hotech brand is not just a name. It includes the values that reflect the spirit of our company and the hospitality industry. Consistent use of our corporate identity will strengthen our commitment to our business and our commitment to bring innovation to the sector.

The use of the power symbol with the first two phonemes of Hotel & Technology words creates the Hotech logotype.
Corporate font is Futura Font Family. HOTECH is designed using Futura Book BT Regular font.

"Hotech" Logos and Usage

The distance between the hotech logo and the other items should be kept at a certain distance, as in the above example. The logo can not be modified, and no graphics, short descriptions, or photographs can be added.

Minimum Dimensions

To ensure that the logo is visible and legible, the minimum size specified in the example must be referenced.

The minimum height for digital use is 38px.
Minimum height for printing use is 1,34cm.

Monochromatic Use

The primary gray-weighted logo is used on a gray background with more than 50% saturation, while the negative logo is used on a gray background with less than 40% saturation.

It is used in gray saturation below 40%.
Used in more than 50% gray saturation.

Using Hotech Icon

Color Codes

C:60 M:45 Y:39 K:25
C:20 M:0 Y:95 K:0
Pre-footer background
footer background
Body background

Name Usage and Writing

HOTECH-Hotel Technology Ecosystem logo is derived from Hotel and Technology words and all letters are capitals. HoTech, HoTECH, HOtech etc... should not be used.

Common Branding

Usage in joint promotional campaigns, advertisements, joint announcements or press releases is as follows.

Misconceptions about Logo Usage

Do not create different fonts and color combinations
Do not change the aspect ratio, position, or spacing between letters
Do not perform enhancement, compression, distortion, or separation on the logo
Do not add shadow, light etc... effects
Do not add graphic elements to the Logotype
Do not rotate the logo vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.